Software for quality management

One system for all your documents, audits, complaints & reports. Tailor-made for your organization.

‘The auditor is impressed by the system every single time.’

Wout Ruijs

Quality & Safety Manager

“The auditor is always impressed by the system. And if he then sees that what is described in the system is actually being carried out, then it can’t go wrong.”

“The control cycle is very good. You can do a lot with the system and it helps me to make good management reports.”

“It is a very nice system and the freedom you have to set it up completely to your own liking is very nice. And it’s only going to get better.”

“We chose Inception because they are in Eindhoven and the communication lines are short. We can switch quickly if we need to and that works well.”

“Sometimes we forget how something works or we need a form to be created. Then you just send an email and it immediately gets picked up.”

We make quality management a breeze

Our software consists of several modules. This way, you only use what you need.


Stop searching for documents across systems, manage versions, and create work-flows. From any device.

Complaints &

Report opportunities and incidents as they arise. Easily with an app on your phone or tablet, wherever you are.

Audits &

One integrated system for the entire audit process. Create schedules, questionnaires, audit and report. Make the auditor proud!

Performance management

Record your organization’s KPIs and objectives, monitor them and identify improvement measures. Based on the PDCA cycle.

Keep a grip on your organization

Our system gives you insight into all the opportunities and risks of your organization. Vulnerabilities come to light and follow-up and improvement is automatic.

“Unsafe situations and accidents are recorded and monitored, so that we can then do an analysis. The system helps us improve our (food) safety.”

Luc van de Valk

QESH Manager

We at Inception recommend Inception

Of course, we also use our quality management software ourselves! For example, to obtain this certificate:

“If the Labour Inspectorate comes by or you have an external audit, you can conjure up everything you need”

Peter Tuijtelaars

Operational Compliance & Sustainability Coordinator, DPD

Royal Swinkels Family Brewers

“We now have our documents in one central place. This comes in handy with audits, but also when an operator on the line needs to know how to clean his filler or adjust his machine.”

Marc Swinkels

Royal Swinkels Family Brewers

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