Software for improvement

Register and manage complaints & notifications wherever and whenever you want. Make improvements and evaluate.

  • Completely tailored to your organization
  • Hosted on your own server or in our cloud
  • Available anywhere from any device

“Thanks to the reports in the system, I can transfer my insights well to management”

Marianne van Eck as Wolbers


Improving has never been easier

Improvement management: Whether it’s customer complaints, internal deviations, occupational health and safety reports or environmental reports: everything arrives at lightning speed in the same system and to the right person. All you have to do is analyze.

Improvement management software makes your life easier

And not just yours: your entire organization and your customers will thank you.

Get better lightning fast

Are you annoyed by mistakes and opportunities for improvement that are not followed up? Those are a thing of the past. Point out facts to colleagues thanks to extensive reports that they cannot ignore.

Keep your customers and colleagues satisfied

Those who respond quickly to complaints and handle them effectively will have loyal customers and motivated colleagues. And increase the involvement of the organization thanks to our app.

Learn, improve, and Prevent

Making mistakes is essential for a learning organization, it will only make you better. Without mistakes, you have less innovation. Good insight into mistakes makes that easier.

Improvement management

“With the system from Inception, I can show facts. That way it doesn’t become a ‘is too!’-‘is not!’ discussion and that strengthens me.”

Luc van de Valk

QESH Manager

The heart of
your organisation

Everyone does things in their own way, we know that better than anyone. That is why we set up the system 100% to your wishes and we brand it in your corporate identity. That’s how it really becomes the
heart of your organization.

Improvement management at Dealzicht

We also keep improving

Do you want to set up the system differently or are you looking for a new functionality? Call us. Or send an email. We are also continuously working on improvement management and regularly roll out an update that benefits you.

Improvement management at Viggo

Learn how we make leading organizations work more efficiently

“The auditor is impressed by the system every single time”

“Inception’s system is at the heart of our ISO certifications”

“In an external audit
we can conjure up
everything we need”