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Cyberattacks and data breaches are the number one business risk today. A data breach can be devastating for your organization and it should be on your agenda by default. Our information security software gives you insight into vulnerabilities in your company.

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Our information security software

Our software consists of several modules. This way, Our customers use it for various applications:


Document all your health and safety documents in our system, which can be accessed anywhere from any device.

Complaints & incidents

Register and manage complaints & notifications wherever and whenever you want. Make improvements and evaluate.

Risk Assessment

Make an inventory of all your processes and associated tasks. Translate strategy into tasks, record measures and follow up.

The heart of your organization

Everyone does things in their own way, we know that better than anyone. That is why we set up the system 100% to your wishes and we brand it in your corporate identity. That way it really becomes the heart of your organization.

We continue to improve quality

Do you want to set up the system differently or are you looking for a new functionality? Call us. Or send an email. We are constantly working on improving our software and regularly roll out an update that will benefit you.

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With whom we have worked closely in recent years to continue to improve our software time and time again.

“If the Labour Inspectorate comes by or you have an external audit, you can conjure up everything you need”

Peter Tuijtelaars

Operational Compliance & Sustainability Coordinator, DPD

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“The auditor is impressed by the system every single time”

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“In an external audit
we can conjure up
everything we need”