Quality management software for construction

From streamlined audits to on-site quality management. Our software helps you with continuous improvement and compliance with laws and regulations.

Audit management becomes a breeze

With our software, you can plan audits ahead and monitor deadlines. Everything is recorded in one system and those involved automatically receive actions and reminders. In a dashboard you can easily collect the right information and make it transparent with graphs and diagrams. Easy as pie.

Seek and thou shalt find

You can create hyper-links in the system itself, giving you the structure that you find easiest. With self-assigned labels and attributes, you can filter and sort the right documents in no time and our powerful search function will never make any document disappear. If the search function doesn’t find it, then it simply does not exist.

From risk to improvement

Improving processes comes down to lowering risks and taking advantage of opportunities for improvement. Based on themes such as ISO 9001 and RI&E, our risk management software helps you identify risks, find opportunities and safeguard improvements.

“Because Inception is so accessible and intuitive, every employee can start very quickly and can easily access the data that is useful to them.”

Stefan van der Valk

TBI Holdings B.V.

The heart of
your organisation

Everyone does things in their own way, we know that better than anyone. That is why we set up the system 100% to your wishes and we brand it in your corporate identity. That’s how it really becomes the
heart of your organization.

We also keep improving

Do you want to set up the system differently or are you looking for a new functionality? Call us. Or send an email. We are constantly working on improving our software and regularly roll out an update that will benefit you.

Our quality management software for construction

Our software consists of several modules. This way, you only use what you need.


Stop searching for documents across systems, manage versions, and create work-flows. From any device.

Complaints &

Report opportunities and incidents as they arise. Easily with an app on your phone or tablet, wherever you are.

Audits &

One integrated system for the entire audit process. Create schedules, questionnaires, audit and report. Make the auditor proud!

Performance management

Record your organization’s KPIs and objectives, monitor them and identify improvement measures. Based on the PDCA cycle.

Learning Management software for building Inception

New module

With the new Quality Assurance for Building Act (Wkb), you are obliged to record the design and execution of a project and to prove that it meets the quality requirements. Of course, you do that in Inception’s system, but do you know what you can also do in that system these days? Have your employees follow a training course on new developments such as these with our Learning Management System module.

Learn how we make leading organizations work more efficiently

“In this system, you can make any cross-section you need yourself.”

“The auditor is impressed by the system every single time”

“In an external audit
we can conjure up
everything we need”